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Clown Prince of Geekery
Date: 2010-08-07 16:01
Subject: Notes about LOST (epilogue) -"The New Man in Charge"
Security: Public
Location:Toledo, OH
Music:Jamie Lidell- "Compass"
Good morning folks!!! Welcome to the final LOST blog!!! (or at least, a blog that discusses an episode of the show!) As you know, the epilogue, "The New Man in Charge" leaked yesterday and while some folks missed it, others have been able to watch it, including myself. I did do a write up on it for those of us who saw it, but if you're waiting for the DVD, no worries. So, spoilers ahead! Many thanks to LOST cubit and DARK UFO for their caps, past, and present.


- Where in the world is Benjamin Linus?- The location of this Dharma warehouse/hatch/thingamajig is in Orote Peninusula, Guam. We've heard of Guam before as that's the route Frank had been flying for 8 months and it was the intended destination of Ajira 316.

- Pallet drops!- Ah, finally, a mystery that we've been chewing on since the second season! It seems this station in Guam is responsible for sending food via the pallet drop to the island. We saw some sort of psuedo fax/invoice/print off that you can see here.

I can't make out too much as the angle of the paper and the font are throwing me off, but I can definitely see something in that top line that says "WED 24-08-10". Now, 8/24/10 can be a date, BUT, it's not a wednesday, it's a tuesday and it's actually the date that LOST season 6 (and that awesome complete series box set which I'm currently debating on buying) comes out on DVD and blu-ray. Inside joke? Probably, but why Wednesday? I also thought that it could be a 06, but that would make it 6/24/10 and that isn't a wednesday either as it's a thursday. Maybe if it's 6/24/10, it has to be shipped or dropped on the day before, making it a wednesday? I'm not sure. (i'll get to the numbers and stuff on the paper soon). The pallet coordinates are sent to the guam station via....

- The Lamppost!- We saw this station in season 5 as the group was taken to it thanks to Eloise Hawking.

It was the station that had the giant pendulum (that I swore was going to nail Desmond in the head) and was plotting the coordinates to the new location of the island.

- Dharma names- The names of the two dharma employees are glenn and hector. I did a search of Glenn and found a barrage of names ranging from an australian footballer to actors, but most notably, I found a Glenn T. Seaborg, a chemist who helped discover various elements, some radioactive. This name reminds me of how many characters on LOST have the names of scientists, chemists, doctors, and so forth. Hector give us many names too, from the Hector of greek mythology to athletes, but nothing really interesting.

- mo'money!- Ben informs the two men that Dharma hasn't existed in 20 years (mainly because, ya know, he killed them all off). I did like how the one guy yelled, "We want answers!" A nice reference to the whiny fans who wanted answers to everything, no doubt! :)

- Dr. Chang!- The DVD that Ben shows the two Dharma workers (transfers from the old beaten up VHS tapes) features our old friend, Dr. Pierre Chang. Chang tells the viewer not to tell anybody his real name or he'll have to resort to using aliases in the future. And of course, we are well aware that somebody must've leaked his name as his name is different in each Dharma video. Also, the video is for the Hydra station.

This is on Hydra island, where Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were taken in season 3 and where Ajira would crash later on. This is the station that has the cages, underwater sections, etc.

- Video Reveals Secrets!- The Dharma video let us in a slew of secrets that we've been dwelling on for 6 seasons as well as some easter eggs. Let's go over them!

1. Rabbits- these can be seen when Chang is giving his speech about the purpose of the station.

Rabbits have popped up a lot on the series with Ben having them as a child to Dharma's experiments to the folks at the barracks eating them and so forth. Rabbits are also a sign of fertility, which is a reference to the island as woman have trouble having babies on the island.

2. Hurley Bird!- We see a caged and covered bird behind Chang that does sound like it's saying "Hurley."

We saw this "hurley bird" in the season 2 finale when the bird swoops down over the group as they're making their way to the others.

Chang says that these birds are genetically altered and will adapt to the unique properties of the island. I don't know if it's actually saying "Hurley" or if that's just the sound it makes, but if it is saying "hurley", how in the hell is that possible?!??! The group wouldn't arrive for another what, 30 years or so, so how would it know that name? (unless this is some sort of time travel issue where the bird heard his name while the Hurley was with Dharma in 1977?) Your thoughts?

3. Polar Bears- Chang says that the bears possess a great ability to remember and that makes them a prime candidate for electromagnetic tests; this makes me think back to Daniel's mouse, eloise and how it would know how to escape the maze. So, my thought is that they would use the bears to time travel and then test memories with the fish biscuit machine to see if they remembered how to do it (if that makes sense).

Chang also holds up a dharma collar that can be placed around the bear's neck for its next phase the orchid station.

We know this station transports people/bears to the middle of the desert in Tunisia (11 months into the future too) and this is where Charlotte found the polar bear collar in the season 4 flashback the freighter folks had.

4. Pregnancy- Chang mentions that the bears should not be tested while pregnant as the orchid station's electromagnetic levels cause problems with their pregnancies. This could also explain why women were unable to have children on the island: the electromagnetic levels were too high and maybe without dharma to take care of things or keep their levels contained, it spread to the whole island? Either way, I think we can put this mystery to rest as it explains why women couldn't give birth on the island.

5. Room 23- Chang gives us a detailed explanation of room 23.

This is the room where Karl was placed and where Walt was put off screen after season 2.

Chang explains that the room was built for the hostiles when they were captured and how the mixture of drugs along with the film and music causes the hostiles anmesia, wiping the memory of their interrogation from dharma officials from their mind.

And I liked the dharma guys comment, "I think we're gonna need to see that again" as John Locke said pretty much the exact same thing after he saw the dharma video in the hatch.

- Santa Rosa- Ben heads over to the Santa Rosa mental health institute to talk to somebody; we've seen this place before as that's where Hurley (and Libbey) were placed after their mental breakdowns.

The person Ben is going to see is under the name Keith Johnson, but it's really..

- "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllt!"- Ben talks to Walt, who is still kinda pissed that the Others kidnapped him on the island, about returning to the island. Also, the fake name that Michael was given in season 4 was Kevin Johnson, hence why Walt is using the last name too. I'm guessing Keith and Kevin just had a nice ring to it. (thanks gormer for correcting me as I didn't catch all of emerson's delivery!)

He says that he feels bad for Walt and how he had to pretend to be somebody he wasn't (probably alluding to the lying that he had to do when returning from the island with his dad). Ben tells him that he is "special" and that he has "work to do." We've heard about Walt being special for ages, but this reminded me of when Alpert visits a young John Locke, telling him that he's special.

Also, Walt having "work to do" is reminiscent of how many folks on the island were told by the island that they had "work to do" but most notably, when Walt appeared to John in the season 3 finale and told him, "you have work to do." Ben tells him that he can help his father, despite being dead; perhaps he can help him move on somehow?

It should also be noted that Walt is playing Connect 4, like Hurley did at the hospital.

This is another reference to games, rules, and that these ideas can be seen with Jacob and Widmore's "rules" along with Jacob and Sammuel's "rules."

After showing Walt a dharma granola bar, the two take off to a dharma van waiting for them, along with...

- Hurley!- Walt tells Hurley that he hoped somebody would come for him to prove he wasn't crazy and Hurley assures he isn't crazy and needs to get back to the island.

This leads me to believe that Walt might have eventually suffered the same visions that Hurley, Kate, and Jack saw when they returned to the island, ghosts/images of folks telling them they needed to get back. Hurley says that he wants to talk to Walt about a job and this reminded me of how Jacob told the remaining candidates about a job, i.e.- protecting the island. So it would seem that once Hurley is done, the island will be protected by Walt, proving that all this time he was in fact, special, destined to protect the island eventually.

THE NUMBERS (4 8 15 16 23 42)

- The Dharma warehouse is located on the Orote Peninsula in Guam. The peninsula is 4 kilometre's long.

- Dharma license plate: 4PCI429. We have an obvious 4, P which is the 16th letter of the alphabet, C is the 3rd letter (nothing there), I is the 9th letter so nada there, another 4, and 2 and a 9. So, this license gives us a few hits on the mighty numbers.

- Walt is playing connect 4.

- The pallet load says it will consist of: D F R P W Z. D is the 4th letter in the alphabet, F is the 6th, R is the 18th, P is the 16th letter, W is the 23rd letter and Z is the 26th letter.

And I'm pretty sure that's all I have for you folks. Crazy to think that this is the LAST FREAKIN' EPISODE of LOST we'll be chatting about!!!! But, I will keep everybody posted on LOST collectibles and whatnot. I will post pics if I decide to get that cool island boxset thing in a few weeks too.

And speaking of collectibles, this came in the mail a few days ago:


In the meantime, I hope this blog finds you well!

'till next time true believers.
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Clown Prince of Geekery
Date: 2010-08-06 11:46
Subject: LOST epilogue has leaked! Hurry!
Security: Public
Hey folks: gonna make this short and sweet as I'm on my lunch break and need to get back to work in about 10 minutes.

LOST epilogue has leaked and this won't be up for long.


I really, really enjoyed it. I love how we got some nuggets of info and then a nice bombshell that I guessed would happen ages ago! Yay!

I'll post again here soon with you LOSTies and those LJ friends, expect an actual blog here in the coming weeks!

hope all of you are doing well!

'till next time true believers.
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Clown Prince of Geekery
Date: 2010-06-29 15:09
Subject: Notes about LOST: Season 6 DVD info, details on the epilogue scene, bobbleheads and more!!!
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Location:Toledo, OH
Music:Counting Crows- "Einstein on the Beach"
Good afternoon folks!!! It's been quite a long time since I've posted a LOST blog (since, ya know, the show is over and all) but details have been emerging about the season 6 DVD, the complete series set, and a highly anticipated epilogue titled, "The New Man in Charge" which I'll get to shortly. Also, I got some of my LOST bobbleheads last week and Man in Black's name was FINALLY revealed a bit ago. I meant to post this sooner, but I wanted to get as much information confirmed before I went posting. So, let's get down to business, shall we folks?!?!??!

#1- Season 6 DVD and Complete Series Sets

These are going to be released on August 24th. The regular sixth season set comes with the following:

-Every Sixth Season Episode
-Bloopers and Deleted Scenes
-Audio Commentaries accompany four episodes (LA X, Dr. Linus, Ab Aeterno and Across The Sea)
-The End: Crafting A Final Season – Join the LOST team along with other producers of some of television’s longest running shows as they examine the challenges of ending a landmark series.
-A Hero’s Journey – What makes a hero? Which survivors of Oceanic 815 are true heroes? These questions and more are explored.
-See You In Another Life, Brotha – Unlocks the mysteries of this season’s intriguing flash sideways.
-‘LOST on Location’ – Behind-the-scenes featurette showcasing stories from the set, including all-new interviews with actors and crew.
-PLUS: A LOST Blu-ray & DVD exclusive - Go deeper into the world of LOST with a much-anticipated new chapter of the island's story from Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

The cover art:

There will also be a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE complete series set coming out the same day which, to say the least, includes all 6 seasons and a crapload of extra stuff:

-Every Episode in the Series (Seasons 1 through 6)
-Over 30hrs of Season 1-6 Bonus materials (previously released materials from Season 1-5 and the all-new Season 6 bonus material)
-A unique series of featurettes that takes viewers on very personal tours of Oahu where the series was created, with key cast and crew as they reflect.
Exploring the global phenomenon that is Lost, bonus showcases events ranging from the series cast and crew at San Diego’s famed Comic-Con convention to international voice recordings, local events and even fan parties, all of which helped make the show into a worldwide favorite.
-A closer look at some of the props with cast, writers and producers, exploring their significance, stories and emotional ties to the characters.
Humorous yet emotional look at every character who died on the series
-16 hilarious Lost “Slapdowns” featurettes showcasing celebrity Lost fans who confront Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse to ask press questions about the final season, including the Muppets and cast members Nestor Carbonell, Michael Emerson, Rebecca Mader and more.
-The exciting collectible packaging also includes:
Special Edition collectible ‘Senet’ Game as seen in Season Six
Custom LOST island replica
Exclusive episode guide
Collectible Ankh
Black light penlight

There will be a disc of bonus material that you will ONLY be able to get WITH THIS COMPLETE SERIES SET. This is the stuff with the tour of Oahu, showcases and celebrity Slapdown segments and so forth. But the packaging and special gifts in this set are what make this pretty cool with the packaging, ankh, and all that jazz. You can see a pic of this set here:

This sort of stuff tends to irritate me as I'm one of the many folks who bought each season upon release and there isn't too much of a chance I can drop $149 bones for this set. grrrr!! In totally unrelated news, if anybody is interested in buying some used copies of seasons 1-5.... hahahaha Hell, I might try to sell them and see how much I can get. I love the island replica and all that stuff. I read that the blacklight pen allows fans to see more things? I dunno, maybe they'll be some stuff on the set that the blacklight pen reveals? I'm not sure. I can promise you that if this pen does anything awesome, pics of it will be put online.

#2- Man in Black/Essau/Smokey/Essaulocke/Flocke's name was revealed a few weeks ago. According to Eonline, unconfirmed sources stated that MiB was referred to as Samuel in the scripts, but Cuse and Lindelof decided to keep things interesting by leaving the name out. A quick wiki search lets us know that "Samuel" means ""name of God" or "God has heard." The Bible give us Samuel, who was a leader in ancient Israel in the Hebrew Bible. Also, he was last of the Hebrew Judges and he would also become a prophet. Towards the end of his life, he tried to pass this role to his sons, but they were corrupt and couldn't do the job.

I find this name choice pretty interesting as the name refers to a judge and Samuel in his smoke form did judge everybody on the island as we saw with Eko, Ben, etc. Also, how his kids were corrupt makes me think back to his speech in the season 5 finale about how they (meaning people/candidates) corrupt, fight, kill, and so forth. Very apppropriate given his biblical origins and family issues; also, you could relate the idea of his sons to the fact that he can Jacob were in fact brothers as well.

#3- LOST bobbleheads!!! Last Thursday MOST Of my LOST bobblehead orders arrived, safe and sound, thankfully (I get nervous about those delicate things shipping). The shipment included: Daniel Faraday, Richard Alpert, John Locke, and Dr. Pierre Chang. I took a pic of these new additions along with the Ben Linus bobblehead I picked up last year:

I'm still waiting on the Hurley:

and Claire as well.

The Claire bobblehead is going to be available at San Diego comic-con and on Entertainment Earth. You can find her and the rest of the bobblehead figures at EE here: http://www.entertainmentearth.com/hitlist.asp?theme=Lost

They also have those awful, so freakin' terrible looking retro dolls which I can't really put into words how bad they look. I mean, this is supposed to be Ben and Kate!

Seriously, how were tese things approved? Although, I WILL say that the Man in Black and Jacob dolls looks a bit better.

Not $40 bucks plus S&H better, but, better.

and the coolest bit of info I have....

#4- LOST season 6 epilogue!!

Season 6 of LOST will feature something very cool: an 11 minute epilogue titled, "The New Man in Charge" that features Hurley and Ben and their time on the island. It reportedly helps to bridge the gap between the Ajira 316 folks leaving the island and the end of the finale itself. In an interview, Jorge Garcia said thatit will address Walt, the supply drops and the Hurley bird (the infamous screaming bird of the season 2 finale). There were reports/pics of the actor who plays Walt, Malcom David Kelley, on set for filming this blurb. Nobody knows what his role is, but I'd LOOOOOOOOOVE to see him inherit the island from Hurley or maybe join Ben and Hurley on the island somehow. But that's just my hopes, nothing is official.

And that's all I have for you folks at the moment. There isn't any info on a release of a season 6 score as of yet, but I'll pass along anything I hear. I do plan on sending out a blog around/after San Diego Comic Con if there are any new LOST bobbleheads or collectibles announced, so be on the lookout for that.

I also have two non-LOST related things to share:

#1- my wife and I have gone ghost hunting for the last two years to celebrate our anniversary (dating, not wedding as that just happened) at the Mansfield Prison/Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, OH.

This was the prison where several films, including "The Shawshank Redemption" were filmed. The blog I'm sharing is from this years hunt and has two audio clips of evidence I caught. This blog also has links to the 2009 ghost hunt. I need to re-upload the audio clips from 2009, but 2010 is good to go. If you're into this stuff, check it out if you wanna! http://whitebrowgigs.livejournal.com/267624.html

#2- The trailer for "Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows" is out now and the geek community is salivating. I figured I'd share the slobber: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tk3JluG8sk&feature=player_embedded

and that's all I have for now!

At any rate, i do hope blog finds all of you doing well. Take care!

'till next time true believers.
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Clown Prince of Geekery
Date: 2010-05-24 07:54
Subject: Notes about LOST (6.17) - "The End"
Security: Public
Location:Las Vegas, NV
Music:R.E.M.- "The Great Beyond"
Morning folks! A fantastic end to the greatest TV series, ever. I wasn't expecting a lot of answers, so I wasn't irritated when they didn't give us too many in terms of the mythology or even Walt. I always loved the spiritual and religious aspect of the show and how the finale used these themes was terrific. We have much to talk about, so let's do this. And thanks to getlostpodcast and lost-media for their hardwork and caps!!


- Opening scene- I found the opening scene of this episode to be pretty interesting. We saw the arrival of the coffin, Sawyer looking at himself in the mirror (which is a theme i've mentioned before for season 6), and so forth.

And of course, it set all the pieces in the place, but these were the two things that stuck out, especially with Sawyer and the mirror.

- Priest!- I loved how the coffin delivery guy asked Desmond if he was a priest to which Desmond kinda chuckled. and of course this is great as we know that Des was in monk training, but got kicked out.

- Hurley's nerdery- I enjoyed Hurley's nerd STAR WARS moments in this episode. His comment about Jacob being like yoda was great, but I LOVED his "I have a bad feeling about this" which echoes the SW saga. We saw his love of SW way back in season 5 too.

- Safehouse- From what I can tell, the hotel/apt area that Hurley brought Sayid to was the location of their safehouse in season 5; this is where Sayid was attacked and drugged and Hurley was spotted after a guy was tossed out of a window.

Hurley would later be suspected of murder. I also enjoyed how he emphasized the importance of choice to Sayid, a very critical theme of the show.

- Fate- When Charlie was visited by Hurley tonight, he had resorted to an old habit we saw on the island: tape on the fingers. When he first got to the island, he wrote FATE on them, followed by LATE. In the AU, we saw that once again he had written FATE on his fingers, hinting at how he believed it was his fate to die on the plane.

- "Irreversible"- Kate mentioned on the island that nothing was irreversible, echoing shades of Jack in the AU. Perhaps this hints to a greater theme in terms of the events in the AU? That we might die/perish, we move on, thus beating death/injury?

- Rose and Bernard!- SOOOO happy to see three of my favorite LOSTies show up in this episode: Rose, Bernard, and Vincent.

I found it interesting that Rose talked to Desmond about moving on as they had violated "the rules" by helping him out of the well, thus getting involved with the on-island rivalry. I guess they had a truce with Smokey, one that they broke. But it was another instance of the "rules" popping up.

- I knew it!- I figured that Ben was working against smokey and i was happy to see this was the case! Speaking of Ben, how the hell did he get out from that under that tree?!?! I understood the finale, but how this happened I don't have a clue!

Did one of the earthquakes shake the tree lose?!?!? I'm not sure, but that's my guess.

- They're alive!- It was revealed tonight that Frank and Alpert were both alive and well.

I found it interesting that now Jacob is dead, Alpert can age naturally and will die eventually.

- "Enus!"- I laughed when Sawyer referred to Miles as "Enos" in both timelines. Enos is of course one of the sidekicks from Dukes of Hazzard. He was actually one of the sherrif's deputies, and since miles was LaFleur's (sawyer's) deputy in the Dharma initiative, this name works pretty well.

- "It worked"- As many folks, including myself called, Juliet showed up as Sun and Jin's fertility doctor.

I found it interesting that her name was Juliet Carlson (not Burke as she wasn't married/divorced to Dr. Burke in this timeline). I googled Carlson, but found nothing.

It was also revealed that Juliet was Jack's ex-wife, hinting at a relationship of theirs that didn't work. This could hint at how their relationship never really worked on the island as Jack still had feelings for Kate and whatnot.

- Jack and Locke's conversation- Seriously, the editing in these scenes between the two of them were very well done. I loved how Jack joked that he could "kill" Locke and then added he was going to "fix" him. These were edited against the scenes of Jack and Esaulocke fighting, which was great.

- FIGHT! FIGHT!- The fight between Esaulocke and Jack was really awesome. I was pretty surprised when Jack got stabbed and even moreso when Esaulocke got capped and kicked off the cliff (much like how he kicked Jacob into the fire, jerk!).

I was wondering about the "rules" as Jacob and Esau couldn't hurt each other and I have two ideas:

1. Those rules only applied to Jacob and Esau and since Jacob is dead, they don't work and Esau wasn't aware of this.
2. Once the cork was popped out of the island, all bets were off as technically the light had gone out, meaning game over.

Either way, I'm pretty sure Jack was aware of this and knew that Esaulocke wasn't.

- Des's importance- We got the full gravity of Desmond's importance in this episode was he was the only one who could withstand the electromagetic properties of the light and pull the cork out. What i was curious about though were the glyphics in the cave and on the cork itself.

The egyptian elements of the island have never really been fully explained, but I'm going with the idea that those came from early candidates of the island and were later adopted by the Dharma folks, as seen in the hatch.

Also, did you notice the bones and bodies down there? I'm thinking that these were maybe previous attempts to check out the light, but all were failed attempts.

- Hints of Locke- I liked how Esaulocke tried to play it up like he was Locke; first, when talking to jack about the hatch, to which Jack scolded him for insulting his memory; also, very cool he said John was right and he wished he could tell him that. And when Esaulocke commented on the thunderstorm arriving on the island. This reminded me of when Locke would say when it was about to rain in season 1 and later in season 4.

I also loved the shot of the two of them staring down the waterfall as it greatly resembled the shot of Jack and Locke staring into the hatch.

- Evil?- I'm still trying to sort out just what exactly the island is keeping at bay. We know from Jacob and whatnot that the island is holding back great evil, but with the red, fire induced spectacle we saw I'm almost inclined to state that it's more literal: Hell.

Granted, these could go hand in hand as Hell is a place of pure evil, so either idea works, but with all of the red and almost lava/fire we saw there, I'm going with a more Hellish slant. But again, both ideas work!

- "Whatever happened, happened"- Jack told Desmond in the OT that he did not want to leave the island and whatever happened, happened. We've heard this before many times, mainly in terms of time travel and how things cannot be changed. This showed a great deal of growth for Jack as he always wanted to fix things and here, he realizes that things just happen and they cannot always be fixed.

- "With a little from my friends......"- tonight marked a huge reunion of epic sorts as many LOST characters showed up in the AU, triggering a massive amount of memory recollection. We had:

Shannon and Sayid- Sayid saves Shannon and the two remember their on island love.

And I loved how Boone played a part in the whole thing.

I can't help but wonder how Hurley got him involved, but alas, we weren't meant to see that. I did like how Hurley talked to Sayid about who he was and the good that Sayid had in him. He also talked about free will to Sayid, another important theme of the show.

Kate, Claire, and Charlie- Kate and Claire regained their island time during the delivery while Charlie just needed Claire to touch his hand. I thought this part was fantastically beautiful and moving.

Sawyer and Juliet- SOOOOOO happy to see them back together.

And who do we have to thank for this one? The mighty Apollo bar!

Seriously, had that thing not gotten stuck in that machine, this might have never happened. It also reminded me of the season 5 finale when we saw Jack and Jacob meet after Jack's apollo bar gets stuck and he and Jacob chat.

Locke- After regaining use of his legs, John's memories returned to him. I liked how he just plainly said, "it worked," which reminded me of when Juliet told Miles "it worked" after she died in the beginning of the season.

Sun and Jin- This was great as Juliet's scene with Sun reminded me of the scene in the season 2 episode, "D.O.C." and I was uber happy when they flashed this episode for Sun's memories. I also loved how they were able to speak perfect english at that point, but also how they were smiley and happy when they met Sawyer. They couldn't help but laugh at Sawyer, of all people, being a cop and this was great to see.

Jack- perhaps the most important memory session came from Jack touching his father's coffin; he had been remembering things during the episode, but this was the final nail in the..............box.............and would seal the deal in terms of memories.

- Party People!- I did like how some of the minor, yet loved characters showed up in this episode. We had Charlotte meeting Daniel and Daniel jamming out with Driveshaft, complete with both Charlie and Liam.

We also saw Dr. Pierre Chang at the podium.

I'm still trying to find out what song they all performed, but haven't had any luck so far. Any help with this would be great!

But the chat between Des and Eloise Hawking was interesting as it revealed one huge tidbit of info: she was well aware of what this alternate world was; did you see the look on her face?

She KNEW and we get this as she asks Desmond if he's going to take Daniel and Desmond says it won't be him, hinting at the possibility that Daniel will be "taken" one day by somebody else or even on his own accord, but it won't be Desmond that does so.

- DUDE- Glad to see one of my previous ideas came true in that Hurley is the new Jacob/guardian of the island!! I loved how he brought in Ben as his #2 man, or advisor if you will. Very cool to see this happen as it makes sense as Hurley is the purest of the group and Ben has the most experience. Plus, the two haven't shared much hatred over the years, minus a season 5 off island squirmish.

The two also share one of my favorite LOST scenes ever:

An offering of condolences after Ben's daughter had been murdered. This scene illustrates just why Hurley is perfect for the new job.

- Island departure- Some of the LOSTies do end up making it off the island: Miles, Frank, Kate, Sawyer, Claire, and Richard.

I found it interesting that Kate told Jack to tell her that they would see each other again and how this would come back in the finale scenes of the show when Kate said something along the lines of "I've waited a long time for you."

- Church Window- The group of LOSTies headed to a church (which from what I could gather was the same church from season 5) and so did Jack. There was a pretty obvious window that he passed which sported symbols from major religions: christianity, islam, judaism, Taoism (the ying and yang also hint at the black and white imagery with jacob and Esau), hinduism, and buddhism.

As LOST is a show that has themes of all religions, this was a nice touch.

- The big Reveal- So, we at last learned the true meaning of the alternate universe/flash sideways world: it was the purgatory this whole time. Some suggest that this is a result of the jughead detonation, but I think I might disagree. Jughead did kick the LOSTies to 2007, but this timeline has nothing to do with time and space itself, it's on a totally different plane of existence, beyond time and space. But this space was created as a means of the LOSTies to find each other as they were all united and shared a bond from their experience(s) dealing on/off the island. I know that some folks are confused as to why folks that we saw were alive and well moments ago in this room, but like Christian told Jack: these folks died both long before and long after Jack's death and this is how they're reunited and how they will take that next step in their spiritual journey of the afterlife. Like Desmond and Penny, did they die in the finale? No, but they would die later on as all things die and this is their own purgatory, waiting for loved ones to move on to the next step. Or like Sawyer and Kate, they didn't die in the plane nor was the island purgatory. They died later in their lives and reunited with each other as their friendships/relationships played a crucial part in their lives. So, when Juliet said, "it worked," she was hinting at the afterlife, not an actual new timeline. The final shots of the LOSTies shows the moving into the afterlife and whatever lies next. Very, VERY beautiful.

and what about our friend, Benjamin Linus, sitting out front?

To me, he's atoning for his bad actions/sins, hence the apology to Locke. Or maybe he's waiting for Alex to join him? I did like the conversation that he had with Hurley though, as Hurley thanked him for being a great number two. What did he mean by this? It would seem that Hurley and Ben would remain on the island for years, maybe two, maybe 200, but at this point in the afterlife, they had both finally died/been dead, possibly passing the island into the hands of a new candidate. I would LOVE to get an idea of what these two shared and did on the island, but that is up to speculation (and fan fic!).

- Full Circle- And at long last, we have the final moments of the show that brought the show full circle in a fantastically brilliant way. Jack, dying, walks through the bamboo field we first saw him lying in the very first episode in season 1, walking by a shoe (christians) and falling to the ground. And just as he did before, Vincent shows up to help guide Jack, lying next to him (another beautiful moment) as Jack dies, closing his eye;

remember that the very first shot of the entire show was Jack's eye opening and to end the show on the eye closing was a great touch.

The beginning

The End

THE NUMBERS (4 8 15 16 23 42)

- David, Claire, etc sat at table 23.
- Sawyer's apollo bar was in slot G23. We have 23 and G is 7th letter of the alphabet. So, we have 23 and if you take 23-7 you get 16.
- It was said that Sayid killed 4 people.
- The number on the coffin's transport was: A3A 0051 AQ. Nothing with the three; A is the first letter of the alphabet. nothing too much with the 0051. A again is the 3rd letter while Q is the 17th letter. I tried these, but really came up with nothing.
- the license on the van at Widmore's place is 2VXW505. We have the digits of 2,5,0,5, which doesn't give us much. V is the 22nd letter, X is the 24th while W is the 23rd, so we have one here.

And I do believe that's all folks. It's crazy, really crazy to think that this is really the end. In fact, when I first realized that this was over, done, finito, finished, my general reaction was pretty much like this:

But alas, all things have to end. I just can't help but reflect on all of the time I spent with this show, both watching it and writing this blog. LOST hit me in a very odd time as I just graduated with my Bachelor's and I was taking time off and applying for graduate school programs. I actually referred to this as my own "purgatory" (which makes me laugh now), but since I had very little to do besides work, i was able to dive head first into LOST and to get really into it. I got several friends into it, some of which still haven't forgiven me for it (hahaha you know who you are!). But I have many great memories of watching the show with my friends and my (would be) wife. I started the show during a time of change and I finish LOST now starting another chapter in my life. I have a Master's degree, a teaching position, a beautiful and fantastic wife, a little pug whose middle name is Jacob (after LOST), and I have more readers than I ever thought I would. I started these weekly blogs as a means to help my friends understand the easter eggs. I never imagined it would have tens of thousands of reads over the last year. Words cannot describe how grateful I am at you folks reading my blog and sharing your ideas, theories, etc with not only myself, but fellow readers around the world. There are countless LOST blogs out there, but you folks landed on mine and chose to stick with me. I've had many comments and e-mails over these last few years too. I've gotten e-mails from everybody from die hard LOSTies in New York to readers in Russia and the middle east. I love the community that surrounds this show. It's been really fantastic.

I do plan on sending out another e-mail/posting a blog when the new waves of bobbleheads hit and when the season 6 score/DVD are released as reminders, but as for LOST blogs, this is the last one.

As always, feel free to post your ideas, theories, etc, etc. I do hope all of you folks take care and behave yourselves. :)

'till next time true believers.
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Clown Prince of Geekery
Date: 2010-05-19 04:41
Subject: Notes about LOST (6.16) - "What They Died For"
Security: Public
Location:Las Vegas, NV
Music:Spacehog- "In the Meantime"
Greetings from Las Vegas folks!! We're on our honeymoon, but after a long train ride out here (34 hours, but we saw some amazing scenery), we spent today as a lazy day, which included a great episode of LOST. We made sure to book a room with an HD TV too, which is a HUGE plus, but on the downside, no DVR! Meh! But I guess if I miss anything, I'll just confirm it by rewatching the episode on ABC.COM or scour the net till I find a site that has posted it. either way, let's do this! Thanks to getlostpodcastmedia and lost-media for their awesome caps!!!


- Man in the Mirror- The episode opened up with Jack's neck wound from the season premiere bleeding again along with another great shot of Jack starting at himself in the mirror.

I've mentioned this before, but mirrors and reflections have been a big theme of season 6 as we jump back and forth between the Alternate universe and the original timeline (AU and OT). This is important especially at this point in the season as more and more characters are realizing that things are not as they seem in the OT.

We also saw Ben looking at himself in the mirror after his beatdown via Desmond in the nurses office.

And considering this is the nurse that the principal was having an affair with, I do hope that equipment and the bed was sanitized and cleaned.

- Good father- I'm finding it interesting that Jack is becoming a great father in the AU just as he's starting to accept his fate in the OT. Think about it: early in the season Jack was torn on what he was supposed to do on the island, but after seeing the wheel in the lighthouse, he began to realize the importance of the journey he was undertaking; he found peace and acceptance. Meanwhile, in the AU, he is able to "fix" things with his son, create a strong relationship and move forward with his life. He isn't trying to fix things anymore in either timeline (and I don't factor Locke into this as i'm referring to Jack's own personal struggles. With Locke, he's simply being a doctor). While Jack has always searched for a way to fix things and fix his own shattered life, the island has fixed him in both timelines.

- Desmond's Plan- So we saw more in this episode in terms of what Desmond is up to with the 815 folks. Let's go down the list o' Desmond's adventures:

1. He gave Ben a nice beatdown, jogging his memories of the OT timeline and the ass kicking Desmond gave him in season 5 and convincing him that he was only trying to help Locke.

season 5 memories

I loved this scene, mainly for Ben Linus trying to make a citizens arrest. hahaha on a side note, I guess Henry Ian Cusick actually punched Michael Emerson while filming this scene, giving Emerson a black eye. oops!

He also told Ben that he was trying to help Locke "let go", something we heard Locke and Jack talk about a few episodes ago in the OT. During that conversation, Jack was trying to urge Locke to let go of the guilt that he felt for the airplane incident that caused his own condition as well as Anthony Cooper's condition as well.

Now, at the end of the episode, we see that Locke has indeed "let go" of things and wants Jack to attempt to fix him. My question: what will happen if Locke can walk? Can he even really be fixed? what is the larger picture here? I'm almost thinking that this could lead to a few things:

A. Being able to walk will snap everything into place, causing a time issue of some sort, merging the two timelines. I have no theory or idea about how this could happen, but it's obvious that these timelines have some sort of effect on the other and i'm thinking a merging is about to happen.

B. Locke will die on the operating table, leading to a rebirth of some sort on the island in the OT. Remember when Juliet died, she told James that "it worked" hinting at maybe she was alive in the AU. Why can't it work the other way? Maybe if Locke dies and is somehow shot back to the OT, Smokey will be purged from his body, or maybe Locke will take over as the new MiB? I dunno. But again, these are just theories.

2. Desmond also turned himself into the LAPD, bumping into Miles and Sawyer in the process.

And who would be his cell neighbors? Kate and Sayid!

He would later break them from LAPD custody with the help of Ana Lucia!

This was a great surprise to see her again, and you gotta love that it's Hurley that is helping bribe her. And him trying to be friendly with her? hilarious. He's planning on taking Kate "to a concert" (Driveshaft??) and this has to be how they will meet up with Charlie, who will somehow help her remember the original timeline. Meanwhile, Sayid and Hurley are off on their own mission; maybe to intercept Jack? I'm thinking this incident along with Locke's surgery is going to cause something serious to go down, something huge in terms of timelines.

EDIT: Some readers gave me some help and reminded me of the concert that Jack's son is playing at. This could be the same concert that Miles is attending as he told Sawyer he was going to attend a benefit/concert that evening. This makes great sense as it would bring alot, if not all, of the 815ers together. THANKS FOR CLEARING THAT UP!!!! :)

But he also phoned Jack, claiming to be Oceanic and stating they found his fathers body. It's obvious that he's setting someting up for Jack, but what? Will it involve violence? Will it somehow effect the eventual surgery on Locke and/or could it be the final piece of the memory jogging puzzle? I'm not sure if this could hinder or help Locke's eventual surgery or what. But with Jack remembering things in the AU, maybe this could be the huge push that the 815ers need to do whatever it is they need to do.

- Seen this before- we saw Jack stitching Kate up on the beach and this is reminiscent of when Kate stitched up Jack in the first episode of LOST.

Season 1 patch up

- "He was summoning me"- Ben gave us some dirt on his secret room, telling us that he used it to summon the smoke monster. I have to ask: who told him about it?? I'm not sure who it could be as we have no indication that it was Richard, but who else has Ben really talked to in terms of original inhabitants of the island?

- Guess Who's Coming to Dinner!- We met Alex's mother in the AU and it as our old friend, Danielle Rousseau!

Glad to see that she's still alive in the AU at least. I enjoyed the interaction she had with Ben. First, she told Ben that he would join them for dinner, even if she had to kidnap him, a nice joke to Ben kidnapping Alex in the OT. She also talked about Ben's influence in Alex, stating that Alex views him as a father, a comment that touched Ben as it's obvious that he does care about her and her future. In the OT, Ben did love her and that was always obvious, and it's nice to see that carry over into the AU.

Also, in the AU, Ben tells Alex that he had an "incident" in the parking lot. I just couldn't help but think of the season 5 finale, called "the incident." And how hilarious was it that Alex thinks that Ben was the "nicest guy ever?" That was a great line! On top of this, Alex also made a spiritual cameo in the OT as Miles passed over her body and Richard explained that he buried it for Ben.

- Complex, much?- Alex referred to Ben as "napoleon" in this episode, a reference to Napoleon Bonarparte, the miliary and political leader who would lose everything and be banished from his country. We saw Napoleon pop up previously this season in "Dr. Linus" as Ben was teaching his class about him. Napoleon does tie in with Ben as both men had great power and success, but both met defeat and failure.

- Widmore's Return- Ben had a few uninvited house guests in this episode as both Widmore and Zoe had made themselves at home and I can only hope had the intention of making a ham.

Widmore told Ben that Jacob has visited him off the island and invited him back, showing Widmore the error of his ways; Ben accused him of lying, believing that Widmore had never seen Jacob. I found this ironic as up until murdering him, Ben had never seen Jacob, despite claiming that he did.

But, what if Widmore is telling the truth and Jacob DID visit him? Maybe Jacob wanted Widmore's help in protecting the island, like how he recruited Illana? And what does widmore mean when he says that jacob showed him the error of his ways? is he referring to Widmore having a child (Penny) off the island or wanting the island for profit? I don't know who I belive anymore though as both Widmore and Ben had proven to be huge liars. But Widmore's intent doesn't matter anymore as.....

- A Tiger don't change his stripes- Ben ended up double-crossing Widmore, leading Esaulocke to his location. Widmore told Esaulocke information about Desmond's importance as the fail safe (get to that in a second), but was interrupted by Ben shooting Widmore, in an attempt to get revenge for Alex's death.

Esaulocke would also cut Zoe's throat.

Why would Ben do this? I'm still on Ben's side on this one and I'm thinking he's going to attempt to gain Esaulocke's trust and double cross him. I just have a baaaaaaaaaad feeling that it will cost him dearly. but we'll see!

and speaking of dead...

- Richard's fate- We saw Smokey take out Richard tonight, but what remains to be seen is if he's dead or not.

I grew up reading comic books and one cardinal rule of comic books deals with bodies. Basically, if there isn't a body, they're still alive. I'm applying this same rule to Frank as well. Unless I see corpses, i'm believing they're still alive and maybe not well, but alive at least!

- Lil' Jacob- Hurley ran into a young Jacob in the woods, who grabbed the bag of his ashes and ran off.

Hurley would find Jacob in the flesh. I found it interesting that while Jacob was killed and thrown into the fire, creating his ashes that he would be able to take a mortal/flesh form using fire as a catalyst.

He informed Hurley that when the ashes burned up, he would be gone and wouldn't be seen again.

- No singing or smores?- As I stated recently and what (i'm guessing) a majority of LOST fans called: Jack will take over and be the next Jacob of the island. I did like how we got more of an explanation as to why Jacob brought these people to the island.

He said that he found people who were just like him, alone, and searching for something they couldn't find; they were all just as flawed as he was. I really liked this scene as it gave us more insight into Jacob's character. He's not a God/Deity, or some mystical creation: he was an ordinary man put into extraordinary circumstances. And as to what was it that the 815ers were looking for that they couldn't find? Redemption, in my opinion at least. Every character we've met on LOST has been trying to get their lives together and redeem themselves. Jacob also explained that Kate was no longer a candidate as she was a mother; I'm thinking since this is a dangerous job, mums can't apply? but if that's true, why weren't Jin and Sun crossed out? This makes me believe that only one of the Kwons was meant to be a candidate as Ji yeon does need a parent.

And while Jack's crowning as the next Jacob is good, it is scary as hell cos this very likely does mean that Esaulocke CAN kill Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley as they are no longer candidates. Yikes. Just.........YIKES. But what Jacob failed to tell Jack was what this light/heart of the island really is. He told us what we've already heard: that if Smokey gets out there will be danger to them and everybody they have ever loved. But as to what the Light really is we didn't get any new information; Jack is just told that Smokey can't be allowed to succeed and for the light to go out.

Also, Jacob blessed the water before Jack drank it; Jacob then told him "you are now like me." Jacob's Fake Mother did both of these things when she made Jacob the next guardian.

- Jack and Locke's conversation- Locke returned to Jack's office, asking him to attempt the operation that Jack claims could make him walk again. I mentioned this above, but I'm wondering if this could be the final piece of the AU puzzle.

If Locke is able to walk again and the LOSTies all have memories of their island lives, will this somehow cause something to happen in the OT and AU?? We'll have to wait and see. but their conversation reminded me of the old Locke we know and love, talking about purpose and fate. He said that maybe Jack was supposed to fix him, just as in the OT he claimed that they were supposed to be on the island for a reason. Locke then told Jack about how they were both on the same flight and how, after getting hit by a car, Locke was brought into Jack's hospital out of all the hospitals in Los Angeles (a speech he gave Jack in season 5 when he got into a car accident after Ben shot and killed Abbadon). Jack told him that maybe he was confusing coincidence for fate. This is the same speech Eko gave Locke in season 2 when he brought Locke the missing pieces of the Dharma orientation video.

- The Fail Safe- We found out tonight that Desmond was brought to the island as a last resort due to his exposure to electromagnetism. Why this could be important I don't know, but Esaulocke tells Ben that he's going to use Desmond to destroy the island (despite the fact he told Ben not 30 minutes before that he would give Ben the island, but whatever, Esaulocke, you lying punk). But my question is: how is Desmond Widmore's last resort? We know he can travel through time and whatnot, but what if his unique exposure to electromagetism allows him to get to the island light/heart of the island? What if he can get to the light and do something to it so Smokey can't destroy it? Or maybe Desmond himself can destroy the light and cause Man in Black to stay stuck on the island? But then again, Jacob said the light can never go out, so maybe Desmond's fate lies in doing something else to the light, but what it is, I'm not 100% sure.

Remember that in the season 2 finale, Desmond used the fail safe key, discharging the electromagetic energy and exposing him to elecromagnetism in the process. So, it's pretty interesting that Desmond is considered a "fail safe" himself.

Also, who let him out? Was it Jack and Co? I'd guess so as they're the only ones who know about Desmond, aside from Esaulocke.

THE NUMBERS (4 8 15 16 23 42)

- Ben's group was heading to Dharmaville to get some C-4 (a favorite explosive used on the show, I might add!)

- Ana Lucia was bribed for $145,000. I tried to mess with these digits, but came up with nothing.

- Ana Lucia's badge number was 4372. If you add those up you get 16.

- Hurley's license plate number: 2WQI332. We have a 2, W which is the 23rd letter of the alphabet, Q which is the 17th, I is the 9th letter, 3, 3, and 2. We have the 23rd letter with W, 3+3+2=8. Maybe if you take the 17-2=15? That might be stretching things a bit. Also, 17-9=8.

and that's about it!!! I really, REALLY can't believe that the SERIES FINALE is only a few days away. I've talked to many folks and it seems that they all have questions they want answered, but realistically, that won't happen. I would like the following questioned though:

- What is the Light/its origins? How does it/the island help the guardians bring people there/become immortal?
- Who were the first people on the island?
- Why is/was Walt special?
- What is the island?

I'm sure folks have a huge list of what they want answered and while I'd love to say I think we'll get a lot of answers, I know we won't. and yes, I also want to know about the infamous "Hurley Bird", that just won't happen. But I think if we get some answers to the questions above, i'll be pretty content.

on a side note, as I mentioned in the last blog I got married over the weekend! My wife and I are both avid LOST nerds and we had to laugh at how the numbers keep popping up in our lives: we got married in the 15th, left for Vegas on the 16th, we stayed on the 16th floor of a hotel in Chicago and right now in Vegas our room number is 23. In fact, i was taking a break while writing up the blog and while looking out the window, I saw a row of cabs below and one had a 15 on it while the other had a 23. seriously, I want to thank LOST for just ruining those numbers for me! :)

Also, while walking through the Luxor (which is egyptian themed with hieroglyphics, etc) I spotted a picture/"carving" of Anubis hanging out with Ammit and the scales that were used for judgment. hahaha

At any rate, we're still pumped and excited for the finale on sunday. We're going to watch it with some close friends and then after having a nice crying/fetal position weep session, I'll start up on the blog. I do plan on playing the numbers during Keno though, so if i win any $$, I'll have to make sure it isn't cursed!

As always, feel to leave comments/theories and whatnot!! And sorry about any typos and/or grammatical errors. I'm using my wife's laptop and I have Kong Hands and small keys+kong hands=errors.

'till next time true believers.
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Clown Prince of Geekery
Date: 2010-05-12 09:19
Subject: Notes about LOST (6.15) - "Across the Sea"
Security: Public
Location:Toledo, OH
Good morning folks! In my opinion, an awesome episode last night. I heard some folks complaining that it was uneventful, but to me, it wasn't meant to be "eventful" as it was mostly an origins story, nothing more. We found out more about the island while still keeping secrets about it from us and the relationship between Jacob and Esau was definitely cleared up quite a bit. We have a lot to talk about, so let's get started. And many thanks to getlostpodcastmedia for their awesome caps!!


- Episode Title- The title of this ep is "Across the Sea." To me, this is could be a reference to the famous Bobby Darin song, "Beyond the Sea." We've heard/seen this in the show as Shannon told Sayid in season 1 that she used to babysit some kids in France who watched "Finding Nemo" all the time. At the end of the film, there is a version of "Beyond the Sea" and Shannon noticed that the french lyrics to the song were written on Rousseau's map. Also, the plot of "Finding Nemo" is about a father and son who are trying to find each other and a boy who is just trying to get home. This could tie in with LOST as this episode dealt with parental issues and Esau, a son, trying to find his way home from the island.

- Mother- we met Jacob and Esau's mother, Claudia. I did a quick wiki search and the name Claudia has several hits. The first one I noticed was Claudia, a Vestal Virgin. In Roman mythos, Vesta "pertains to a Roman goddess, The Sacred fire of Vesta and the Temple of Vesta." Well, what is Vesta and all this stuff? It turns out, that the Sacred Fire of Vesta was a holy fire that burned in Ancient Rome. The Vestal Virgins were selected by lot (also known as Cleromancy, get to that in a second) and served for 30 years, tending the fire and whatnot (they started in pairs of two, then groups of four, then six). This sacred fire burned in a circular temple (maybe a nod to the temple in the early part of the season?). Now, Vesta was/is the virgin goddess of the hearth, family, and home in Roman religion. Going back to selection by lot, this is also referred to as Cleromancy, which is a way of finding an outcome that is determined by a means that would be considered random (dice, etc), but was believed to be the act of the Gods or a supernatural force.

How does this tie into LOST? I'm not sure, but the guarding of a sacred fire, outside/God-like forces, and selection in a larger group sure sounds like the LOSTies. Other Claudia hits gives us the wife of Pontius Pilate, the wife of Nero, and so forth. But the one I mention above is easily my favorite.

- "By Accident"- I found it interesting that Fake Mother (we never learned her name) told Claudia that she arrived on the island "by accident." This makes me think of the 815 crash, Desmond's boat, etc, and how none of this is actually by accident. It is actually something that is totally intentional and is meant to be. Or as Fake mother and Locke have put it, "for a reason."

- Babies- we saw the birth of Jacob and Esau in this episode. Jacob was born first, with Esau coming in second and without warning as it looked like Claudia had no idea she was having twins. In looking at the Bible, Jacob came out second and Esau was first, which is something I mentioned a while back with Esau not getting the blessing from his father that he was entitled to later on life. But both stories show a reversal as Jacob the younger gets the blessing that was meant for Esau the older and in LOST, Esau was hoped to be guarding the island by his mom, but Jacob takes over.

And how about the fact we never got Esau's name in the show?!??!?! Until we get it, I'm sticking with Esau, dammit!

- Fake Mother?- Alright, so this woman delivers Claudia's babies, wraps them up, and then kills her?!!?!? My question: who is this woman?!??! Where does this come from?!?!?! Is she one of the Vesta Virgins from above? Is she a deity/Goddess??? I'm not sure, but she did say that she set things up so they could never hurt each other or ever worry about death (at least from each other as Jacob did, ya know, die). how did she do this?

- "it's black, it's white!"- LOTS of obvious black and white imagery in this episode. The blankets Jacob and Esau were wrapped in were white for Jacob, black for Esau. The game pieces were black and white, their clothing was black and white, etc.

We've seen this imagery many, many times, and this goes back to Locke's speech in season 1 about two sides, good, and evil.

and speaking of Locke and games...

- Backgammon?- alright, newsflash: I don't play backgammon so I know nothing of the game, BUT, I do know it involves dice and game pieces which are black and white, So, that game that Esau and Jacob were playing, looked to be a very, very, early version of backgammon. After all, Locke did say in season 1 that backgammon boards were found dating back 5,000 years. I did some searching and it looks like Locke might have been referring to something called the Royal Game of Ur, which was/is played in Iraq, BUT, this relates to the egyptian game of Senet. Look at a pic of senet right here.

Looks nearly identical to the game that Esau and Jacob were playing, which can be seen here.

Also, here is something I found, " Because of the element of luck in the game and the Egyptian belief in determinism, it was believed that a successful player was under the protection of the major gods of the national pantheon: Ra, Thoth, and sometimes Osiris. Consequently, Senet boards were often placed in the grave alongside other useful objects for the dangerous journey through the afterlife and the game is referred to in Chapter XVII of the Book of the Dead." I mentioned something much like this a long time ago in the blog for "Dead is Dead" in season 5 when Ben is judged, tying egypitan lore into the LOST; judgment and the weighing of the scales (we've seen those before), Ammut tying in with smokey as he was the one who devoured the evil folks, and so forth. Also, in terms of Osiris, he was the god of the afterlife, or underworld. He is thought to have a son, Horus, which could tie into Horace Goodspeed of the Dharma group. I'm wondering maybe if Claudia was egyptian or somehow Fake Mother has egyptian ties as we have seen so many cases of Egyptian mythology and symbols on the island.

- Jacob and Esau's personalities- I found it interesting that Jacob and Esau both had their own personalities, but both conflict with what they want to do. Jacob has no desire to watch over the island while Esau is the one that their fake mom wants to watch it, but he has no desire to. Also, Esau's personality and interests don't work for the island. Jacob is a man of the island, living off the island in terms of shelter and so forth. Esau is a man of production, industry, living in huts/homes and using metal objects. I remember in season 3 when Ben said that Jacob was old fashioned, and didn't like lights, etc. Of course, he was living in a hut and that was probably Smokey, but still, he doesn't like technology.

This also goes back to the struggle between Jack and Locke was one was the man of science (jack), and one was the man of faith (locke). This dynamic has of course changed, especially with Jack, but there's no denying that these are all related.

Also, Jacob is shown to be honest, unable to lie to this mother while Esau has no problem trying to keep things from people. I also thought back to Esaulocke's speech to Kate earlier in the season when he told Kate that he had a very sick mother, and he blamed her for this game. This was shown to be pretty accurate as he just wants to leave, but due to her actions, she can't and she also killed their real mother. Also, Fake mom refers to Esau as special, hinting at the idea that he will take over the island. I thought back to Locke being told he was special in the first season. And wouldn't you know it: Locke and Esau were damn near fated to connect as both had mom issues and were told they were special only to have things go totally wrong for each of them.

What really struck me in this episode was Jacob's temper; he had the tendency to act without thinking and be quick to anger, which definitely isn't the way to go. But it's interesting to see how he is later on the series when he fully understands his role and how he was starting off, which also relates to Jack's character.

Lastly, I noticed that when Jacob went to see Esau as adults, Esau said that Jacob was "looking down" at them, perhaps hinting at God(s)?

- island Guard- This leads me to the idea that Jack will be taking over for Jacob. And while this was hinted at by Sayid, I'm pretty much thinking it'll happen. Jack has become a man of faith and he is a very, very, relunctant leader. Jacob was the exact same way, very relunctant to watch the island too. Who would be the next Man in Black though? It concerns me that Hurley and Esau can both see dead people, I'll say that, but I don't believe Hurley will be the next MiB as that doesn't fit his personality. We shall see though.

- The Others- We caught a brief glimpse of the other people on the island, presumably the rest of Claudia's people from her boat.I'm not really sure what to make of them as their attire isn't something I recognize.

Any help on these folks would be good!

- Esau's speech- Think back to Esau's speech to Jacob in the season 5 finale; he talks about mankind/people and says something about how humans fight, destroy, corrupt, and so forth. Well, we heard their Fake Mother give the two of them the exact same speech in this episode when talking about mankind. Esau would later tell Jacob that she was right that people do destroy, corrupt, and so forth.

- Tapestries- We saw Fake Mother creating tapestries in this episode, which is something we also saw Jacob doing in the season 5 finale and in this episode.


In that episode, Jacob's tapestry shows a large illustration of the Eye of Horus; I couldn't see any designs in the mothers tapestry though.

- MiB ghostly visions- Confirmed tonight that Esaulocke is definitely seeing the ghost of a Young jacob in previous episodes. The young boys look identical (and I think they're played by the same young actor too). I'm sure this ghost is just taunting him or trying to make him feel guilty.

- Esau's dagger- we saw that Esau carried with him his trusty dagger in the episode.

This appeared to be the same dagger that was used to kill Jacob and the dagger that Dogen gave Sayid to kill Esaulocke with. That or maybe Esau just made a bunch of similar daggers!

- Those caves look very, very familar!- Turns out Jacob and his mother stayed in the same caves that the 815 folks stayed in for a while. And the huge nugget of info tonight was that....

- Adam and Eve- We FINALLY have our answer to who these two were: Esau and the fake mother!!!

FINALLY, that answers that question. When I think about Adam and Eve, I think about their sin, fall from grace, and banishment from paradise. But that doesn't tie in too well here as fake mother and Esau don't fit with this idea. Fake Mother is seemingly godly somehow by granting her sons eternal life and she wasn't banished from paradise, she's protecting it maybe. But Esau is more tragic, just wanting to go home, and ending up being a murderer.

- Donkey Wheel!- WE found out in this episode that it was Esau and his people that were trying to build the donkey wheel which Ben and Locke would later use to move the island and leave it.

He told Jacob about the different magnetic spots around the island and how they had found another way into the light of the island. Esau and the other group of people were planning on using the energy from the light and water and find a way off the island. I'm just curious how these folks know about the possibility of getting off via the wheel/energy. Maybe somebody time traveled from the future back that time to get them going on this? I'm not sure, but I'm also wondering who else completed the wheel after Fake Mother filed the well in with dirt.

I'm guessing Esau manipulated somebody to do it for him perhaps? Or maybe he did it himself? But i'm guessing he had help of some sort during the many years he has been on the island. Which leads me to...

- Construction on the island- who built the Taweret statue and the temple?!?!?! I'm guessing these might be...you know, I don't know. I'm hoping we get more info on the original group of "Others" who were brought to the island to protect it so we can finally figure out what's going on with them.

- Wine bottle cameo- the wine bottle from several episodes ago made an appearance tonight. Jacob's fake mom shared some of it with him after what (I think) was a blessing of it. I couldn't hear what she said, but she ended with "you and I are the same." Perhaps same in that they are both now guarding the island's power? I tried to find a similar quote, maybe Biblical to tie into it, but came up empty.

- Deja vu!- I have to admit when Esau saw the smoke pillar in the distance I instantly thought about season 1 when the Others set off the smoke to signal they were coming.

I wonder if this pillar of smoke maybe found its way into the traditions of the Others and this is how they use it. Or they use it as it resembles the smoke monster? Either way, it strikes fear into those who see it, even for Esau. But what I'm wondering: how does one single woman kill an entire crew of people and then destroy the well? What powers does this woman have? Is she a form of smoke herself? Maybe a white smoke to counter the black smoke?

- "I looked into the eye of this island...."- And what Locke saw was beautiful! In this episode we saw that Fake Mother was guarding a hole with a large, glowing light coming out of it. She describes the hole, saying, "light, warmest brightest light.....and we must mke sure no one ever finds it...."

she says that the light is inside every man, but they always want more. They can't take it, but they put it out and if it goes out there, it goes out everywhere. The boys add that the light is "beautiful."

Alright, so WHAT IS THE LIGHT?!?! Goodness?!? Love?!!?!? Power??? Hope?!? Life?!?!? Godliness? Heaven? Hell?!?!Marsellus Wallace's soul??! I don't know, but think waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back to season 1. Locke is talking about when the smoke monster encountered him in the jungle and he said, "I looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw...was beautiful." Is this the eye he was referring to? Going off of that, I mentioned earlier that Jacob's tapestry depicted the Eye of Horus. The eye of Horus was a symbol of protection and Power! So, maybe this ties into the light of the island as all people have power in them, but they always want more. It was later said that the hole was life, death, rebirth, etc. But it was also the heart of the island and that if you went into the hole, you would suffer a fate worse than death.

and it's funny she should mention that as....

- Smokey is born- We saw how the smoke monster came to be in this episode as Jacob, in a fit of anger, knocks out his brother who glides into the hole of light and ends up turning into the smoke monster.

This is hard to explain as we don't know the origins of the light/hole and we don't know how they all tie into each other. Regardless, I thought this scene was pretty awesome.

If you watch the scene where Esau glides into the hole you'll notice that he definitely slides into an actual hole, leading him underwater, etc.

I also have to add that I think we've seen the hole/light before. Think back to season 4 when Ben summons the smoke monster; he escapes into a hidden chamber adorned with hieroglyphics and talks into a giant wet hole. Moments later, the smoke monster shows up and begins kicking the crap out of Keamy's crew. We saw the actual hole in season 5 when Ben summoned smokey to be judged.

So, maybe this is the same spot? Or perhaps this ties in with the temple and the springs that were used in the temple and would later bring Sayid back to life.

Also, with Esau's body being back in the cave, it looks as though his body is no longer with him. This would explain why when he is shot or stabbed it doesn't phase him as he has no body that can be injured. I read a great idea that the light was guarding the smoke monster and since a body was dropped down there, the smoke was unleashed using Esau as his vessel. So, technically, it could be that Esau himself isn't evil, but rather what has taken his body, much like how the smoke has taken the form of Locke now.

THE NUMBERS (4 8 15 16 23 42)

- Jacob and Esau were 13 for part of the episode; 1+3=4.

- Later on, we jumped ahead 30 years and Jacob and Esau were 43, but I got nothing from that.

And that's I have folks!!! As always, feel free to leave your comments/theories/feedback and
on a side note, I have a correction for last week: I said that Widmore told James that he had a list of four names, but I misheard him. He said, "I have a list of names: Ford, you're on it, as are Reyes, etc. etc." So, my fault on that one! So, this could mean that Jack's name is on the list too?!?!

On a personal side note, I am getting married this weekend and the fiance and I will be spending our honeymoon out in Las Vegas. We are both huge LOST nerds and we made sure we got a room with a 42'' plasma HD TV. hehhehe We will be out WEst for the rest of the series, but that won't be a problem in getting the blog out. In fact, we booked an extra day just so we could watch the finale with some friends and I could get the blog out before we started heading back to Toledo.

I'm off to work! Soooo glad I managed to get this up before work too! yay!

'till next time true believers.
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Clown Prince of Geekery
Date: 2010-05-06 15:34
Subject: Ohio State Reformatory/Mansfield Prison ghost hunting! EVP evidence! Pictures! And more!
Security: Public
Location:Toledo, OH
Music:Peter Wolf and Mick Jagger- "Nothing but the Wheel"
Greetings folks! As some/most of you might know, a few weeks ago Mel and I returned to Mansfield Prison/Ohio State Reformatory for another round of ghost hunting. We didn't have as much onsite activity as we did last time, but the prison did have a few new sections opened up, including the Sub-Basement, the West Attic, and the Asst. Warden Basement West side were all open this year.

Our old partners in ghost hunting, Nick and Alyssa, had to cancel, but their spots were taken by some of her family, Augie, and his wife, Patty. We made plans to meet them in Mansfield and after a fun filled trip through central rural Ohio, we arrived at the prison.

Now, I won't go into too much as I gave a huge in-depth description of the prison in the last blog I wrote about the experience. Here's a link to that blog: http://whitebrowgigs.livejournal.com/252634.html

We did our usual search around the gift shop and got a few new items. Mel got an ornament, which we thought was hysterical.

I got a magnet and a wooden carving/painting thingamabob of the prison:


Mel was elated though as Mansfield still cells candy cigarett- excuse me, I mean, CANDY STICKS. We hadn't seen these things in years and Mel stocked up on them. I fell off the wagon and enjoyed one before going inside. haha

We took the tour again, but our guide was a bit of a letdown in comparison to the woman who gave our tour last year. He didn't really know too many of the claims and seemed to be out of his element. Next time we go, Mel and I are planning to skip the tour and jump right into hunting. There was a funny moment however when some folks were asking questions about the basement, and asked, "is that where the morgue is?" and the guides laughed and said, "you saw that on 'Ghost Adventures?' Well, that's not really true because above the basement is where the Warden would host dignitaries, senators, etc. They wouldn't want dead bodies just beneath them. So....yeah, they made that up." I laughed as I really can't stand GA. I like some of their evidence, but their leader, Zak, needs to chill and buy shirts that aren't an XS.

We also seemed to bump into more people this time around, which is to be expected. I think next year we might try to start the hunt way out in the back as that leaves us less chance to bump into people, but this isn't a complaint as it will happen and there isn't much we can do about it. We stayed till about 3 a.m. or so. Next year, we're going to get a hotel near the prison so we can close it out and then just stay there, get some sleep, and then drive home.

We did see the cell where I guess Li'l Wayne filmed a video there recently. They painted it up and pimped it out for the music video:

As for the hunt, we didn't see as much activity as we did last time. There were some shuffles and sounds now and again, but nothing too huge. We heard footsteps in the east showers again, and that was cool. There were some usual possible whispers in some of the cells. Things just weren't that active, which is okay. I mean, by no means do we expect to always hear something when we go on these ghost hunts. But when I think about the evening, no real insane moments stick out besides the shower shuffling.

I do have pics to share though, and you can find them here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34129318@N08/sets/72157623737221519/

Also, I DID capture a handful of audio clips that I have uploaded for your listening pleasure.

#1- I caught what sounds like a brief laugh/chuckle. I don't remember what room this is in, but you'll hear it quickly roughly at the 7-8 second mark. Download and listen to it from here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/1bo7j9

#2- This second clip has a few different things going on. At the roughly the 6 second mark, you hear a very quick, light humming of some sort. At roughly the 15 second spot, you hear what sounds like to be music of some sort. And lastly, the humming sound returns at roughly 26 seconds. You can download this clip here:  http://www.sendspace.com/file/61jrvt

The laugh is pretty cool as nobody was laughing during the hunt, but the EVPs from the second clip are the ones that I think are great. The humming is good, but the faint music?!??! Crazy. This audio was captured while we were in the Chapel area.

We tried to think of any possible alternatives for the music, but came up with none. There wasn't any music playing at all during the hunt as, well, that wouldn't happen. There is a train that we heard once or twice off in the distance, but you can easily tell it's a train with its distinct sounding horn/whistle. But, it almost sounds like an organ or maybe bells of some sort, which could/would/maybe make sense as we were in the Chapel when I caught this.

And that's it for now. Mel still needs to go over her video evidence and I have a disposable camera that I need to get developed. Definitely feel free to leave comments/ideas/feedback if you want.

Also, you can find last years EVPs here: http://whitebrowgigs.livejournal.com/252833.html and last years video clips from Nick and Alyssa here: http://whitebrowgigs.livejournal.com/253196.html

'till next time true believers.
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Clown Prince of Geekery
Date: 2010-05-05 15:04
Subject: Notes about LOST (6.14) - "The Candidate"
Security: Public
Location:Toledo, OH
Music:none at the moment
Greetings everybody!! Sorry about the huge delay in posting this; i'm starting my slew of summer jobs and I had to work today. There's a chance the blog will be late next week, but I'll try to bust my ass to get it out before I leave. For the last episodes they'll be right on time though, so don't worry about that. Moving on! After two weeks without an episode of LOST, we were welcomed back to the island in a freakin' INSANE episode that saw the deaths of three, maybe four LOSTies. Not only did we see some crazy stuff on the island, but the parallel universe is definitely starting to come together and I think we can see why Desmond hit Locke with his car a few episodes back. As always, thanks to getlostpodcastmedia for their awesome caps; I do hope they're alright as you'll notice their area was under some nasty weather last night!!!


- Just like some other eps this season, we didn't get a "previously on LOST...." as we jumped right into the chat between Lock and Jack. It seems as though Jack belives that he can help Locke walk again, but Locke steadily declines the offer. But I'll get to that in a bit....

- "Count to five"- I did like how Jack talked about Locke's dural sac needed to be fixed (he mentioned this a few eps ago when he saw Locke in surgery). If you think WAAAAAAAAAAAY back to the first episode, you might remember the story Jack told Kate; he talked about how during a surgery he had accidentally cut open his patients dural sac and that's when he counted to five, let the fear in, and then do what he needed to do.

- "I am a dentist. I am not Rambo."- Great little cameo tonight from Bernard!!

I LOOOOOVED his line about flirting with Rose too. I do hope we see Rose and Bernard again before the show ends.

- "you're a candidate"- I thought this was an interesting choice of words as Jack told Locke that he was a candidate for this surgery that could help him walk again. I can't help but feel that this choice of words is intentional. We've seen comments, thoughts, and phrases that were used in the original timeline leaking into the parallel universe and tonight was no exception.

Jack telling Locke that what happened, happened in terms of his fathers condition; the biggest case of this was Locke mumbling in his sleep, saying "push the button" and "I wish you had believed me." Locke is talking about the button in the hatch and the second line was a line that he wrote to Jack on his suicide note.

Also, at the end of the episode when Jack tells Locke, "I wish you'd believe me." When he says this, Locke stops in his tracks. He's well on his way out, but once Jack utters those words, he stops, hesitates, and begins to realize/think about something.

- I forgive you, Desmond- At this point, I think I can assume that Desmond knew EXACTLY what he was doing. I mentioned this before, but tonight I'm going to have to say that Desmond hit Locke on purpose as a means to bring more of the 815ers together. Since he hit Locke: Locke meets up again with Jack, Jack talks to Bernard, Jack realizes that more folks were on 815 and so forth. So, Desmond definitely had this planned out or at least had a pretty idea of who would be bumping into each other.

My main question though is: what happens if everybody remembers their original timeline lives? What is the big event, if any, that could happen if enough, or all of the LOSTies start to recall things that happened on the island? I want to say that I have an idea, but I really don't. We saw that Juliet told Sawyer "it worked" in the season premiere, so I'm almost thinking that you might return to the alternate timeline? but what does that mean? do the 815ers have to die on the AU to return to the island or will their possible deaths in the AU boot them to the original timeline?

Plus, did you see Jin passing Jack in the hallway? With those two in the same hospital, it's only a matter of time before they bump into each other. I also noticed that this scene happened after Jin and Sun died in the sub, so I'm wondering if they'll get any island memories now that they have died in the original timeline. Remember: Julit said "it worked," so maybe they'll have some flashes of the island. Although, Sun has already had memories of the island and of Locke, or Esaulocke, as we saw in the last episode.

- More Jack and Locke reversal- I'm finding it more and more interesting that Jack's personality is changing on the island as well as in the flash sideways. Granted, he did give Locke that line about trying to "fix" him which was something Jack always tried to do in the original timeline, but Jack is becoming more of a believer both off and on the island. He's sounding more like Locke in both worlds, talking about faith and miracles as well as believing he should stay on the island just as Locke believed. And while i'm not sure if one timeline is effecting the other, I do think they're connected somehow.

I did like their conversation at the end as we saw Jack reflecting on his personality of being unable to let things go, which is true in both timelines, but Locke asked him "what makes you think letting go is so easy?" to which Jack replies, "it's not." I just keep thinking about Jack and Locke talking in the season 2 premiere when the two are arguing about faith and Jack asks Locke why he finds it so easy to belive, and Locke replies, "it's never been easy!" I dunno why I thought about this as I don't think the two are related, but to me it just shows the switch in character.

- Jack's faith- Jack's attempt to persuade the group not to touch the C4 bomb was right on the money tonight. And it makes sense: Esau can't kill the candidates, but in order for him to be able to leave, they need to go willing or be dead. So, he sends them off with a bomb, knowing they'd try to disarm it and in the process, kill themselves. Sadly, Sawyer did not believe Jack and his attempt to disarm it ended up being bad, bad move.

- Kate's awful, terrible, no good very bad day- Man, Kate just a punch to the proverbial gut in this episode. Death around her, she's shot in the shoulder/upper chest region, AND we were told that she's not on Widmore's list. Sawyer also told her that her name was crossed out in Jacob's cave. This confirms that she is not a candidate to inherit the island, which brings me to....

- "You've got some Sayid on you"- tonight marked the death of three (maybe four?) terrific characters: Sayid Jarrah, Sun, and Jin Kwon. I liked how Sayid went as he redeemed himself and was brought back into the side of good as he sacrificed himself to get the bomb away from the group while Sun and Jin drowned.

I totally did not expect both Sun AND Jin to go though as who will raise their daughter now?!?!!?!?!? My money is on Jin's father, but that's just a guess at this point. but still, that's my guess and i'm sticking to it. But these character deaths definitely hit home as they were there from the beginning, and had great stories. Sayid's was a story about a man trying to put his past behind him while Sun and Jin just wanted a future together and in the end, their love of their fellow castaways and each other brought about their demise.

They will all be greatly missed.

I felt really, really bad when the rest of the group got to the beach and realized they had died.

Very brutal scene.

And while things look bad for Frank Lapidus, I'm still not counting him out at the moment.

- Sayid's last words- Sayid told Jack that Desmond was alive, in the well and that he would need him. But he also said, "because it's going to be you, Jack!" So is this what I think it could be? Could Jack inherit the island and be the next Jacob? I'm not so sure as I still think Hurley will be involved somehow (maybe as an advisor?), but I think this could settle all nerd debate: Jack is probably going to be the next Jacob. But, when Widmore read off the list of names, Jack's name was not on there. So, maybe Sayid thinks Jack is the one who can save Desmond? I'm not sure, but if Jack's name is not on his list, that has to mean something.

- The Candidates- According to Widmore, there were 4 names on his list: Reyes, Ford, and the Kwons. Kate's name is scratched out, but what about Jack? Is his allegiance to Smokey going to count him out? Might he not be the one to do things like Sayid hinted before his death? But if Widmore's list is accurate, we're down to Hurley and Sawyer.

- Clairedoras Box- The music box Claire got from Christian had some interesting easter eggs about it. First off, the song it was playing was "Catch a Falling Star," which is the song that Claire loves and wanted to be sung to Aaron every night. also, it showed the reflections of both Jack and Claire, and the idea of reflections has been very prevelant this season with characters seeing themselves in a mirror, hinting at the duality of the original and alternate timelines.

Also, we can't forget that Rousseau had a music box before Ben smashed it; it was later fixed by Sayid.

But, to me the box has greater symbolism: pandora's box. According to greek mythology, when Pandora opened up her box, she unleashed sickness, death, and other terrible things onto mankind. We've been told the same thing about Esaulocke: that if he were to escape, people would cease to exist/be killed, and the world as we know it would be gone. But, more importantly, Pandora's box unleashed something else: hope.

- Not going anywhere for a while?- Did you notice the candy bar that Jack got from the vending machine? It was an Apollo bar. We saw these in the hatch in season 2. We've also seen Jacob give Jack an apollo bar, Kate ate one, etc.

- Return to Hydra- Just a quick note here: this isn't the first trip that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer have made to the Hydra. They were stuck there in the first several episodes of season three. Kate and Sawyer even got naughty in their cage, a fact they wisely didn't mention to the group when they got tossed in the cages.

- "We're in hell, friend."- We got more info on AU relationship between Anthony Cooper and Locke tonight. The two seemed to share a loving relationship which was destroyed when Locke crashed the plane the two were in, rendering him without use of his legs and Cooper catatonic.

I find it ironic that Cooper, who caused Locke's paralysis in the original timeline, is in fact in a wheelchair in the alternate universe. And there is also the obvious plane crash reference here too. John, blaming himself, decides to decline Jack's offer to help him as he feels its his punishment. This is very Jack of Locke if you ask me, blaming himself, and holding that guilt in.

- "Finish what I've started"- Esaulock ended the episode telling Claire that he was going to finish what he started, so I can assume that he's going to try to:

A. attempt to kill the remaining candidates using trickery,
B. See if Des is really dead,

I'll assume that the plane is out of commission and Esaulocke is going to do what he can to ensure the candidates die and that he is out of this game.

- And lastly, I do hope we FINALLY find out what Ben, Richard, and Miles are up to very soon.

THE NUMBERS (4 8 15 16 23 42)

- If Frank is dead, that will make 4 main character deaths in the episode.

- Widmore said there were 4 names on the list; which after tonights episode has gone down to 2 with Sawyer and Hurley.

- This is an iffy one: Jack found the bomb in his bag around the 4 minute mark.

- Sawyer pulled the plug at 1:31 left. 1+3=4.

- The slot in the vending machine for the apollo bar was slot E3. E is the 5th letter in the alphabet. 5+3=8.

- The box where Kate was lying when she got capped was marked with PB-13A. P is the 16th letter of the alphabet while B is the 2nd, so nothing with the B. 1+3=4 again and A is the 1st letter of the alphabet. Or if you take all of the numbers in this series: 16+2+1+3+1=23.

- C-4 was used to destroy the sub.

And I believe that's all I had. As always, feel free to comment or leave theories, questions, or ideas!

I forgot to mention that two more LOST bobbleheads are being released in August along with the SDCC Claire. I still haven't been able to find Faraday, Alpert, and Chang, but I'll keep looking.

These new ones include:

Mr. Cluck's Hurley

Orange Locke

I've pre-ordered all three cos I don't wanna miss these ones. Also, I did get some $$ from my Taweret chip-in, so THANK YOU to those who donated. I'm still, very, VERY short, so I might hold off for now. There is also a DHARMA safekey that will be covered by the donations, so I might grab that.

Also, I just read that there were will be no more LOST promos this season, so it looks like after last night, we're done with any hints for the rest of the show. And if next weeks episode is the one I've heard about, we'll be seeing NONE of the regular cast. Bring on Jacob and Esau!!!!

as for right now, I'm gonna grab some lunch (finally). I'm still pretty upset about last nights deaths though, so here is a vague idea of what I might look like while eating:

'till next time true believers.
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Date: 2010-04-21 14:19
Subject: Notes about LOST (6.13)- "The Last Recruit"
Security: Public
Location:Toledo, OH
Music:Smashing Pumpkins- "Untitled" (possibly the last GREAT song Billy Corgan wrote?)
Good afternoon everybody! Pretty decent episode last night; some folks have said that they hated it, but it was definitely a bridge episode to get us to the next step in the show. It moved pretty fast and had lots going on, which is good, but I don't really have much in terms of easter eggs and whatnot to share with you. Most of my points are just discussion based, which still works for me. I did chuckle at the fact that I had to create yet another photobucket account as the two I have at the moment are pretty much cashed out in terms of bandwith! I guess I have a decent amount of readers! Yay! Thanks for the support, folks! At any rate, many thanks to getlostpodcastmedia for their awesome snapshots and LJ user Beeskness7 for their awesome animated gifs!


- More about Smokey- We found out more about Smokey tonight in that he was taking the prescence of Christian in earlier episodes. This has been a theory for
a while that smokey could take the form of dead folks. So that also means that he took the form of Yemmi and other ghosts too, and i'm going to assume that
he took the form of Walt too. Why would he do that if Walt isn't dead? I dunno, but that's my guess. He had to persuade Locke to get out of th dharma mass
grave and stop the freighter folks and that was a good way to do it. He stated that he has always wanted to help them, like when he helped Jack find water in
season 1. Why help them? well, it's obvious: so he can convince them to get off the island together and help him defeat jacob.

We also found out that since Jacob brought them to the island that they are all essentially trapped and Esaulocke told Jack that they all had to leave the
island. Now, perhaps if he is able to convince them, meaning all of the candidates to leave th island, this does mean that Esaulocke/Smokey is free to go and
the "game" is over, Jacob loses. but this would have to be a conscious decision on part of the candidates; Smokey would then be unleashed and the island
would be useless and probably just sink into the ocean. That's just my theory at least.

- Locke's Destiny- I found it interesting that Locke's destiny, the thing that he was meant to do, was to be the vessel for Smokey to wreak havoc and attemp
to destroy the world. Talk about a bad lot in life. Esaulocke stated that he chose Locke because Locke was the only one stupid enough to believe in the
island as well. however, I don't think we've seen the end of John Locke as......

- "He say, 'I know you, you know me.' One thing I can tell you is you got to be free"- I had to toss out that Beatles lyric as it pretty much describes
alternative universe Desmond. It seems as though he has gotten a hold of the 815 manifest and is trying to get the group's memories jogging. He's persuaded
Hurley to talk to Libby, thus jogging his memory. And hitting Locke with his car seems to have been a way to get Jack and Locke together. So, it seems as
though Desmond does have a plan and he's not just knocking folks out with his car.

- Group Partay!- Going off the AU info above, I am LOVING how other members of the group are coming together. We have Miles and Sawyer coming in contact with
Sayid and Kate. We have Ben, Locke, Alex, etc. joining up elsewhere along with Claire, Jack, and Ilana hanging out. And let's not forget that Jack is now operating on Locke!!

I dunno about you folks, but i'm totally expecting more folks to bump into each other and when that does, I'm thinking it's going to be a memory extravaganza and huge, great, awesome things will happen.

- Hospital Arrival- I thought the scene where Sun/Jin are arriving and bump into Locke was interesting as it's obvious that Sun's memories of the island seem
to be on her mind. She said something along the lines of "it's him!" to Jin.

Why would she say that? Is she afraid of him for his Esau deeds, or does she
just remember him from being Locke on the island? I'm not sure, but it's obvious that her memories are coming back to her. So in some cases, trauma seems to
jog the memory: Hurley/libby's kiss, Desmond's near death experience, and Charlie's choking adventure. Trauma of some sort seems to be the catalyst for these

- Jack's Allegiance- Dogen's advice to Sayid several episodes back about not letting Essaulocke talk seems to be more and more relevant. Claire tells Jack
that Jack has sided with Esaulocke since he talked to him, so maybe you really can't let him talk to you or you might be sucked into his ideas. But, what
about Hurley, Sawyer, etc.? Can they ignore him/block him out? Are they too strong minded? I'm not sure, but it does seems as though that Esaulocke's voice
is too much temptation to handle.

And speaking of temptation...

- Apples- I liked how Sawyer offered Kate an apple at the police station.

I couldn't help but think back to the Garden of Eden and the story of Adam and Eve
and how they both fell from grace after eating an apple from the tree of knowledge. It's almost like how once the LOSTies in the AU start to remember, they gain that knowledge that was not theirs, that knowledge of the island timeline. I'm not sure if this was intentional, but it's definitely worth mentioning in my opinion.

- Who trained him: Randy from Mr. Clucks?- I have to say that Esaulocke's management skills are pretty awful.

He told his group that they were being attacked by Widmore and that the attack was unprovoked. What his group doesn't know is that it's retaliation as they kidnapped Desmond and killed some of Widmore's crew. Not only is he leading them into a possible massacre/war, but he's lying to them about it.

- Family Ties- In both the AU and original timeline we finally saw Claire and Jack coming together as family.

Jack found out about Claire at his fathers funeral from Claire's mother and it seems as though Claire found out via Esaulocke that she and Jack were related.

- Sayid's Decisions- We got an obvious answer tonight in that Nadia was the reward for Sayid once he helps Esaulocke escape. I thought his AU story was good
and kudos to Miles and Sawyer for tricking him outside where Sawyer tripped him up thanks to a hose.

But I really thought Sayid's interaction with Desmond in
the well good as I think Sayid might have spared Desmond's life. But I really don't know for sure at this point.

But I thought we saw Sayid's shell crack a bit as I don't think he wants to tell Nadia he killed a man in cold blood for her. And even if he did kill Des, how in the hell can Esaulocke bring her back from the dead?!?!? Create another timeline??!? Use another smoke device??!? anybody?!!?

I did like Sawyer and Hurley's chat beforehand about Sayid as Sawyer said that Sayid had gone over to the dark side. and when Hurley said that he could come back ala anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader), Sawyer was clueless. Good ole' Hurley throwing out yet ANOTHER Star Wars reference! But it looks like it could be true if Sayid did let Desmond live.

- Desmond's lawyer- I liked the fact that Ilana was Desmond's lawyer in the AU.

In the OT, she was meant to manage the group and it seems as though she has
the same role to an extent in the AU with Desmond, Jack, and Claire with her. Also, her last name was Verdansky and I found no hits on it. The other lawyer name on the door to her office was Sweetzer.

I didn't find anying with this name either.

I spotted a few interesting things in Ilana's office too; there is a white flower/plastic flower, possibly a nod to the black/white imagery we've seen on the island.

We also have a weird Picasso style painting on the wall with what resmebles a guy with a beard. Who is it? Is it Christ? I can't tell, but nothing in LOST is done without some thought to it, so it's there for a reason.

- Seen that boat before!- Did you catch the name on the back of the boat that the crew used in the episode?

It was called the Elizabeth and this was the boat
that was given to Desmond from Libby that he used in his boat race. He would later crash the boat onto the island where it would be repaired by Kelvin. The
others took it in season 3 and it looks like Sayid used it to sail back after he kidnapped Desmond.

- Sun and Jin- Looks like these two are finally getting some good luck as their baby survived in the AU and they had a tearful reunion on the island. I did
enjoy this as they haven't seen each other in a few years, 30 years if you factor in the timeline issues in season 5.

In regards to their AU baby joy, this was good to see and it parallels the island timeline as well as in both timelines Sun and the baby were in danger of
death, but managed to escape. I thought Sun's english speaking abilities was a tad cheesy, but no problem. Trauma to the brain and mind has consequences, so
what's to say that it didn't play a factor. Plus, her english returned on the island just as she found out her and the baby were okay.

If I remember correctly, Sun's lack of english abilities paralleled her AU timelime where she can't speak english, so these parallels do work. And I dunno why, but I have a feeling that they will need to see a fertility doctor to make sure the baby is okay. And I know of a certain, recently deceased blonde haired fertility doctor that could help them. But that's just my guess..

Their island reunion had a sour note as...

- Widmore is an ass- it seems as though Widmore has double-crossed the group and what this means I'm not sure. Will he kill them? I doubt it, but why would
he kill them? I mean, aside from the obvious fact that he's an ass, but still, Sawyer is helping him, so why not help the group? But, he did wait until they
got to their side before he started to bomb them, probably because they didn't bring Desmond along he decided to bomb Esaulocke's group. But I'll be curious
to see what happens with Hurley, Kate, etc. as Widmore's prisoners.

oh and the award for "The most Awkard guy to hold a firearm, ever" goes to this guy!

- "We have to go back, Kat-, errr. Sawyer! We have to go back!"- Well, Jack certainly did perform a slight 180 tonight in terms of his attitude about leaving
the island. He started to talk about how it didn't feel right and that they were meant to do something and that the island wasn't done with them (which we
have heard about Desmond many times), etc. This was very much sounding like Locke as Jack has done for several episodes now. I'm not sure it's really
Smokey's influence on him like Claire might think, but it's the truth: they need to stay and see this through. Leaving is not an option. Sawyer and his crew
aren't seeing the bigger picture, but Jack is. He's not necessarily siding with Esaulocke as he is siding with the island, in my eyes at least. He's finally
fulfilling his namesake of Shepard and trying to lead his flock along their path. I just hope the rest of the group follows and soon.

I thought it was interesting that Jack jumpe from the boat to return to the island;

This reminded me of the season 4 finale when Sawyer jumped from the chopper and returned to the island. Granted, this was under two totally different circumstances, but still, intersting correlation.

- Essaulocke's awful drawing skills- For those interesting, here is a cap of Essaulocke's map that he drew for Sawyer.

What I LOVE about this is the really simplified boat at the top. I dunno why, but it just reminds me of a child's drawing of a boat, very simplistic. But there really isn't anything too special about the map.

- Babby Momma- And I was really hoping we'd get some info on who is the mother of Jack's son, David. He talked to her on his cell phone tonight and I was
thinking we'd get more details on her, but alas, it was just a tease.

My guess about who she is? Juliet. Just a guess though.

- Best nickname, ever.- I LOVED Sawyer's jokes about Lapidus tonight, from his comment about Lapidus looking like he was from a Burt Reynolds movie to his
great nickname for him on the boat of Chesty, referring to Frank's slightly opened shirt which reveals a forest of chest hair.

Seriously, Sawyer never ceases to amaze me.

- Together!- I thought the ending of the episode was pretty interesting with Esaulocke telling Jack, "you're with me now."

I wonder if Jack is really with Esaulocke or if he has his own plan. Some folks have brought up the question about if Jack was actually KILLED in the explosion. I mean, think back to season 4 when Claire was in that house that, well, exploded. She somehow lived and would later join Esaulocke. Maybe that's the type of situation we have here? I'm not sure.

And I had to mention the sheer awesomeness of Esaulocke. In both scenes where he's under fire, the dude, doesn't even FLINCH.

Here is a gif of the shore bombing where Jack is is sent into the air like a ragdoll. What does Esaulocke do?

Not a damn thing! And here is a gif of the first missile attack.

Dude is just hardcore.

THE NUMBERS (4 8 15 16 23 42)

- The adoption agency Claire was going to see and Ilana's office were on floor 15.

- Locke's blood pressure in th ambulance was 62/35. If you take 6+2=8. and 3*5=15. and if you take 8+15 you get 23.

- Miles' badge number LOOKED like it was 4434. If you take the first two numbers and add them up you get 8. If you add all the numbers up you get 15. Or if you take 4*4 you get 16. There might be more to this, but it was all I got off the top of my head.

- It looked like Locke's surgery was taking place at 5:35 pm. If you take 5+3 you get 8. Or even 3*5 and you get 15. I tried to get the time on Sawyers watch
as he's cuffing Sayid, but it's too fast and I could only get a screenshot of blurriness.

- And the numbers we see on Sun's monitor is 144. The only thing I can pull from this is the 4 and 4 gives us 8.

and I think that just about does it. Feel free to post your comments and ideas!!! Also, I've slowly, but surely been adding folks back who have added me as friends on LJ, so don't be irritated if I haven't added you back yet; I will!

also, i'm trying to raise some $$ so I can purchase that kick ass Taweret statue I posted about months back. I'd pick it up myself, but with summer on the way and teaching ending very soon, I have to be smart with my dinero. So, I did start a chipin, just in case anybody wants to donate!

If you want to donate, awesome. If not, don't worry about it! I figured there was no harm in asking! And if you don't remember the taweret statue, you can view it here in all its awesome glory! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=290425249519&Category=164115&_trkparms=algo=LVI&its=I&otn=2

And lastly, I saw this online and figured i'd show you the real reason why flights were grounded all over Europe over the last few weeks. It wasn't an Icelandic volcano, but in fact, it was....

I'll see you folks in two weeks as there isn't a new episode next week as we get a rerun of Richard's episode, but we'll be back on May 4th.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I hear a knock at my office door....

'till next time true believers.
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Clown Prince of Geekery
Date: 2010-04-15 09:35
Subject: Heads up LOST fans! I've started a chip in for that Taweret Statue!
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I wouldn't usually dream of doing this, but I figured it couldn't hurt to try it out, right? The kick ass Taweret statue is up on e-bay for $125 and I've love to pick it up. I would buy it myself, but with the dog getting sick recently and no real summer job confirmed, my funds are tight.

So if you wanna chip in a few bucks or a few nickels, any donation would be awesome.

Also, the $12,500 is AN ERROR. I FIXED IT ON THE ACTUAL CHIPIN, BUT IF YOU SEE THIS, IT IS AN ERROR. I typed in 125.00 figuring the decimals were needed and it gave me 12,500. This is not right!

You can check out the Taweret statue here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=290425249519&Category=164115&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26its%3DI%26otn%3D2

Many, MANY thanks for your support! And if you don't wanna donate don't worry about it. I figured I'd try this out and see what kind of reaction I got. thanks!

'till next time true believers.
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